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Educational Support

Educational Support

Center for Excellent Training & Consultancy (CETraC) partners with government and non-government institutions that provide certifications and qualifications from recognized and accredited bodies such as IPMP, CIAMC, CIPS, IHRME, Microsoft, GIPS, CISCM and CILT. Our functions are spread across various regions in the continents of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Center for Excellent Training & Consultancy (CETraC) is an approved training provider by Institute of Project Management Professionals Ghana (IPMP)

A basic and firm educational foundation plays a critical and lasting role in shaping the future of our global society in the fields of arts, business, community service, health, technology, and skilled trades. Center for Excellent Training & Consultancy (CETraC) supportive functions and initiatives are aligned with the normative instruments of the United Nations and UNESCO. These strategies are laid down to ensure fulfilment of the international legal obligations towards the right to education. Center for Excellent Training & Consultancy (CETraC) takes a firm stand on the side of imparting this basic right.

Our Goals:

  • To identify and make concrete enterprising, socially just, evidence-based strategies supporting the right to education;
  • To support credible organisations and institutions with well-capacitated management capable of putting these strategies in play;
  • To support social advocacy of the right to education and create well-defined processes that hold education actors accountable;
  • To organise calibrations among education actors (especially with differing views) such as NGOs, unions, international groups, government ministries, private education providers and enable informed and result-oriented debates; and
  • To support and nurture education reform and highlight best practice examples globally in the education field

Center for Excellent Training & Consultancy (CETraC) provides educational support directly in the form of Corporate Executive Courses like Corporate Education, Business Transformation, Capacity Building, Corporate Learning and E-Learning, Human Resource Development, Change Management, Learning and Development Strategy, Change Management, Talent Development and more. Our focus is always to align participant learning with institutional objectives. Center for Excellent Training & Consultancy (CETraC) Executive Education Courses are trusted by organizations around the world.