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Consultancy Unit

Consultancy Unit

The Consultancy Unit of Center for Excellent Training & Consultancy (CETraC) is a leading provider of Management Consultancy Services to organizations in both the Public and Private Sectors, including NGOs. In line with the commercialised status of Center for Excellent Training & Consultancy (CETraC), the Consultancy Unit is to provide consultancy services in the areas of leadership skills, project management, general management and administration to support national development and encourage publication of the results of studies and undertake research studies and exercise such other powers that are incidental to the performance of its functions under this function of the Center for Excellent Training & Consultancy (CETraC).

 The CETraC Consultancy Unit Approach

The CETraC Consultancy Unit approach is highly participatory and client centered. We involve the clients and stakeholders extensively in the planning and implementation of programmes and projects. Our approach is predicated on our belief that sustainable change starts from within. Thus, CETraC uses a wide variety of participatory learning activities to engage stakeholders and participants to enhance their understanding of the problems so as to generate practical strategies for the resolution of these problems. We value knowledge sharing and believe that sustainable change can only come from within organizations. Hence, we lead our clients to discover and exploit their business potential and to achieve better results.

Consultancy Services provided includes:

  • Strategy Planning and Corporate Planning: creating and implementing blue prints
  • Management Review and Organisational Development: Aligning system, business processes and structures
  • Policy and Programme Development: Policy writing, Programme Development and Project management
  • Performance Management: Developing measures for improving the performance of people, processes and systems
  • Social Research and Community Development: Applied Social Research
  • Procurement Management: Public Procurement Planning and Procurement Audits
  • Human Resource Management: Creating and Redesigning Organisational Structures and Systems
  • Financial Management: Improving the economic value of businesses and Institutions
  • Project Management Training: Transferring skills to develop capacity to create and sustain change.
  • Advisory services on innovation and intellectual property management to stakeholders for sustainable development in Ghana and Africa.
  • Training and Developing: Empowering Individuals and Organisations with higher skills
  • Project Management Office/Unite Development (PMO/U)
  • Project Contracts Preparation and Review
  • Project Charter Development
  • Project Proposal/Plans Development & Implementation
  • Project Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Project Risk Assessment & Management
  • Project Procurement Contract Preparation
  • Review & Management
  • Project Legal Advisory Services
  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Project Policy & Strategy Preparations
  • Project Costing & Financing Services
  • Project Planning
  • Integrated Completion
  • Commissioning & Startup